Burning Tongue and its Treatment

Published: 01st July 2009
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The appearance of the tongue is generally unaffected but severe pain is experienced, expecially when the tongue comes into contact with spicy or hot food, citrus, or toothpaste. Post-menopausal women are most at risk of developing this condition. Potential causes include vitamin B, folic acid, or estrogen deficiencies or yeast infection.

Burning mouth syndrome occurs most commonly in middle-aged or older women. About 5% of the population, usually women after menopause and people over the age of 60 are affected by this condition. Burning mouth syndrome probably represents a number of different conditions with different causes but a common symptom.

For temporary relief from the symptoms chew a sugar free gum or suck a piece of ice. Use baking soda instead of commercial tooth paste to brush your teeth.

A burning sensation on the lips, tongue or within the mouth is called 'burning mouth syndrome' when the cause is unknown and it is not a symptom of another disease. Other symptoms include dryness and altered taste and it is common in people with anxiety, depression and personality disorders. Women after menopause are at highest risk of this syndrome. Painkillers, hormone therapies, antidepressants have all been tried as possible cures. This review did not find enough evidence to show their effects.

The best home remedy for burning tongue is taking the decoction made up with Babool (an Ayurvedic herb) which will not only make you feel relieve from the symptoms of burning but it has also properties of reducing the inflammation.

Avoiding foods that contain allergens that may irritate the tissues of your mouth may help. Tongue thrusting and teeth grinding (bruxism) can be helped with mouth guards, medications and relaxation techniques.

1. There are many other tips is helpful this condition. Brush your teeth/dentures with baking soda and water. Avoid alcohol and tobacco products.

2. Avoid irritating substances like hot, spicy foods; mouthwashes that contain alcohol; and products high in acid, like citrus fruits and juices.

3. Eat more green leafy vegetables to help the body to eliminate toxins from the body which will cleanse out and cool the stomach.

4. Add iron rich food, such as broccoli, spinach and parsley, to your diet. They will help in treating burning tongue, by aiding the production of new red blood cells, replacing the damaged ones.

5. Lavender oil acts as an antiseptic. It not only works well to cure burning tongue, but also promotes blood circulation. Apply lavender oil on the affected area and leave overnight.

The treatment of burning tongue syndrome is highly individualistic. If your burning mouth is associated with dry mouth which is in turn linked to a specific medication, simply changing the prescription may be the only solution necessary. For nutritional deficiencies, supplements can be used. An outbreak of thrush responds to oral antifungals such as Mycostatin or Diflucan. If it's your dentures, you can improve your care regimen or have the appliance adjusted.

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